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MITO VR is an astonishing, surreal, interactive experience for the HTC VIVE where you explore a familiar yet unknown environment. This mysterious and alluring place will constantly draw you forward and cause you to question the nature of your journey. Open your mind to a world of astonishment, wonder, and the unknown in this VR short.

REQUIRES AN HTC VIVE - We did not add Oculus Touch support.

Made with Unity.

This is a student project created by:

Ethan Loewald, Joshua Bernstein, Charlie McGarey, Brandon Cote, Bryce MacDonald, Ben MacDonald, Colton Orr, and Liam Craffey.


MitoVR.zip 176 MB

Install instructions

Once the download has completed:

1. Create a folder to contain Mito

2. Unzip MitoVR.zip into previously created folder

3. Run Mito.exe with the Mito Data folder in the same folder

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